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Dental Jewellery


Along with body art and tattooing, it is tooth jewellery that is making the headway in the fashion industry. If you are an admirer of new fashion trends and this time, if you want to try something different than the usual aesthetics, then you can opt for designing your pearly whites with a jewel or an art piece of your choice. A jewel-studded tooth can drastically change your appearance, enhancing your smile and personality.

A stunning teeth jewellery can highlight your presence in the crowd when you smile. Available in a variety of sizes, patterns, colors and imitations, a Tooth Jewelry can give you a celebrity-like look. This trend, however, is yet to become very popular compared to other cosmetic dental treatments like tooth polishing or dental veneers. But with increasing sense of fashion in the society, there are high chances of dental jewelry becoming more popular than what it is today.

Another advantage of designing your teeth jewelry is that the actual procedure is painless and can be quickly done. Also since this teeth jewellery is removable, you can choose a different one if you want to keep changing the way your teeth should appear.

After discussing your requirement with the dentist, you can select the jewelry or an imitation of your choice. The dentist will clean your teeth first with a fluoride-free toothpaste and then will completely dry them. You can get multiple tooth jewelries done but one-tooth-one-jewel is a more standard and stylized option. Once the tooth is dry and isolated, it is etched and then a chemical procedure is followed. Before applying the jewel, it is light-cured.

This way you get your showbiz look within a day. The dentist will tell you how to take care of your studded teeth. Mostly, you can follow a regular dental care routine; you need to, however, avoid brushing your teeth aggressively. Also, if the jewel is removed then you must make sure that you don’t swallow it. Otherwise, you will need immediate medical attention to get rid of the jewel from your system.

  • Showbiz teeth
  • Sparking smile
  • Attractive look
  • Pain-free
  • Instant result
  • No maintenance

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