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Infection Control

Who would know infection control better than an oral surgeon and a periodontist, both post graduates in surgical branches?

We understand the complications caused due to lack of sterilization. Our dentists, visiting dental surgeons, nursing staff as well as administrative & support staff is well trained in one of its kind infection control and hygiene protocols used at ABDent Care multispeciality dental, cosmatic care, implant andlaser centre.

Working Space:

The day begins with the floor thoroughly scrubbed using Bacillocid special (disinfection concentrate) which leaves the working area absolutely clean and smelling fresh.

The chairs are sprayed with Bacillol 25 (surface and equipment disinfectant) and wiped clean. This procedure is repeated after every patient to prevent any cross infection.


We use a fresh, new pair of gloves for every patient. Gloves are disposed off immediately after every treatment. In addition we use disposable masks, suction tips, patient drapes and plastic glasses. Sealed syringes and needles are opened in front of the patient and disposed off immediately after treatment. Dentists and patients mandatorily wear "Blue Blockers" (glasses) during tooth whitening procedures to prevent any harm to the eyes.

Instrument Sterilization:

We carry out a 4 step sterilization standard used at quality healthcare facilities worldwide for all non-disposable items:


Instruments are scrubbed thoroughly to discard debris if any and washed in antiseptic solution.


The instruments are than rinsed in ultrasonic cleaner, packed in sterile pouches and vacuum sealed.


Autoclaving is the best way of sterilizing instruments. We at our end, carry out autoclaving of instruments in our advanced digital front loading Autoclave machine.

The Autoclave is frequently tested using test strips to ensure proper functioning. This assures that all instruments are autoclaved.

Certain heat sensitive and heat resistant instruments which cannot be autoclaved are immersed in chemical sterilizing solution (Korsolex) to achieve disinfection.

Cold sterile instruments are then safely placed in sterile pouches that contain related items.


Packed sterilized instruments are kept in U.V. formalin chamber to maintain sterilization.

To ensure a bacteria free environment at the clinic we carry out fumigation process every week wherein, the whole clinic is treated with chemical fumes to see that the treatment environment remains bacteria free.