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Our Departments

"NaMo" Super Delux Department & ABDent Medical Store

ABDent Care is a leading dental clinic of Gujarat located at Navsari, Gujarat.

"NaMo" Super Delux Department is a result of inspiration got by Dr. Ankit Desai from the idology of Shri Narendra Modi to equip medical treatment with latest technology in Gujarat.

"NaMo" Super Delux Department is supported by ABDent Medical Store where the medicines will be sold at relief rates for poor and needy patients.

Standard Department

  • One of the best Dental Department in Navsari.
  • Provides the cheapest treatment in the whole South Gujarat.
  • Department works on the charity base Treatment for needy patients.
  • We are going to provide free check-up for Every Thursday of the week & All free Treatment on the last Wednessday of Every Month.
  • Very hyginic & Stenlised Instruments Good quality materials.
  • Auto Programmable Chair & Computer operated machines.

Premium Department

  • One of the best Dental Department in India
  • Highly equipped
  • Latest Instruments
  • Each & every Treatment after checking Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure with automatic Digital Machines
  • Check up with instruments in Disposable pouches
  • Digital X-ray System
  • Diagnosis with intra-oral camera
  • Sheduled & appointed based treatment
  • Planing with Special attention

Superspecial Department

  • One of the best Dental Department In The World.
  • This department is design on basis of International Standards.
  • Whole floor of the Clinic with Special Waiting area & Restroom, Special Consulting area, Special Attendance.
  • All use & throw instruments 100% Sterilized & Fumigated department.
  • Disposable instrument which are Sterilized with r-rays.
  • All Improved Materials & Advance Instruments.

(Including Premium Department Facility)